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Vincent Hael

Lead Director

Vincent Hael has been a core team member since FLPolyCon 2016 and handles the adminstration decisions regarding FLPolyCon and also helps assist the other departments. Often spotted watching Anime and believes the gacha is bad civilization.

Jake Greenberg


Jake spends most of his time doing extracurricular activities, including FLPolycon and the Rhythm Game Club. You can often find him in the IST-Commons, trying to figure out the best place to get food (It’s normally Panera Bread).

Kamran Payne


He does the thing with the computer like develop full-stack stuff. Also, he does the thing with the convention so that's cool.

Kat Newell

Director of Marketing and PR

She's been binge-watching anime since 2007. Her favorite Star Wars film is the Holiday Special, and she watches all of Avatar: The Last Airbender at least once a year (the movie, not the series.)

Star LaGrasse

Director of Events

Star is a senior at Florida Polytechnic University, and has been the Director of Events at FLPolyCon for 3 years. She believes that one of the most important parts of any convention is the events hosted by attendees. While she may not be as well versed in comics or anime as others, she's super passionate about video games, new and old.

David Ciccarello

Event Coordinator

David is a student at Florida Poly. He doesn't know how he ended up here. He claims to not be a weeb, but no one believes him. David secretly has a crush on Vincent-senpai. Don't actually put that in the bio.

Taryn Jones

Event Coordinator

When not coding (which is never), Taryn Nicole enjoys having fun in this lifetime and exploring new things, which is why she got involved in planning this year's FL Polycon. You can find her @ the con in either the maid cafe, improv scene, or just general bear pirate-y shenanigans. She hopes you have as much fun at the con as it was planning it! ❤️

Crystal Tong

Director of Merchants

Working with the FLPolyCon committee for 3 years to keep this annual event going! Crystal is tasked with reviewing merchant applications and organizing the merchant hall. Mostly seen walking around in the merchant hall in cosplay.

Alysa Curley

Merchant Coordinator

A part of the Merchant and Cosplay areas of FLPolyCon. Helps where needed and enjoys being a part of events!

Madisen Dietz

Director of Talent & Repertoire

Need information on guests or the Cosplay Competition? Madisen is your girl! As the Director of Talent and Repertoire, Madisen is tasked with the responsibility of the special guests and Cosplay Competition, as well as its pre-judging. If you are interested in entering the competition, be sure to fill out the form, link on the Applications page!

Raphael Restrepo

Director of Audiovisual and Staging

I make sure the air wiggles and make sure the lasers and lights look cool as heck. I'm also the IT guy, so that's neat.

Ruben Levy

Volunteer Coordinator

One of the two heads of the FLPolycon volunteering committee. Certified YouTube Binge Watcher. Although usually lazy, he does his best to make sure the world around him doesn’t fall apart. You will likely see him walking around during PolyCon. Feel free to come by and say hi if you do! He may be slightly awkward, but Ruben is always happy to meet new people.

Tom Sawyer

Outreach Coordinator

Tom is so freaking precious. Bless his heart.

Christian Rodriguez

Everything Else

When Christian isn’t trying to make 3D models of Armored Core mechs and Tek to the tune of (insert vocaloid music here), he’s crafting some of the the finest posters you’ve ever seen. For leisure, on some Friday nights you can find him playing CentralFiction with a flightstick (you read that right). He’s been watching anime since IGPX first aired on TV, and he’s a frequent cosplayer at Florida conventions.

4700 Research Way

Lakeland, FL 33805

4700 Research Way

Lakeland, FL 33805